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Viodia knows automated test and measurement, test management, and networks

About Viodia, Inc.

Viodia leverages the National Instruments platform to deliver software solutions for research, development, and manufacturing. With certifications, and over 20 experience with LabVIEW™, LabVIEW RealTime, LabVIEW FPGA, and NI TestStand™, Viodia delivers accelerated test performance, faster, at a lower cost.

As president of Viodia, Inc., and as a NI Alliance Partner, Chris Clark has provided software solutions for over 20 years to customers in a variety of industries. Viodia will work with your team to provide innovative, robust, and maintainable solutions that are designed to grow as you grow. We have deep domain expertise in aerospace, telecommunications and RF, and lasers and photonics. Viodia’s emphasis on design, software engineering, and documentation significantly lowers the total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the project.

Our Values

Focus on Design: The first step in a great design is making decisions about what should be done. Viodia is skilled at understanding your business goals. Simplicity is good … complexity is bad. Good design simplifies complex problems. Viodia uses established software engineering techniques to manage complexity. Using the National Instruments high level platform lowers risk and speeds development because the bulk of the application is off the shelf. In most cases you will have a mockup or prototype in your hands within two weeks of project launch. Putting applications in the end users hands early in the development process makes sure your dollars are being spent correctly.

VISION: Providing the right data, at the right time, in the right way is "Information On Demand." Viodia’s mission is to provide Information On Demand through the design of a vertical stack of test automation, test management, and web applications. Now is the time to link your test systems and test data to the cloud so that all of your stakeholders have quick and inexpensive access to strategic data.


What we offer

NI TestStand

TestStand is a "test management" framework that can be used to simply build a test executive, or it can be the core of a strategic investment that will accelerate product releases and lower costs well into the future.


Viodia provides simple prototypes for getting started, full systems, and everything in between. LabVIEW supports OOD, functional programming, and a variety of application patterns. We're happy to provide the best fit for you.

Web Apps

Chris Clark has experience with the LAMP stack, and has an MS in Telecommunications with a certificate in Network Security from the University of Colorado.


Viodia has experience with MySQL (MariaDB) running on Linux, and MySql Workbench. Chris Clark is currently working on a data historian based on the time series database InfluxDB.

LabVIEW RealTime

Viodia has delivered multiple LabVIEW RealTime projects over the past 14 years. Many current systems run on the NI cRIO. A clear understanding of which parts of the application are deterministic, and which parts are not, supports a cost-effective and performant design.


Chris Clark has delivered projects utilizing "high-throughput" programming techniques for the NI FlexRIO, as well as simpler designs for cRIO and PXI R-Series FPGA boards.

NI PXI RF Test Modules

Viodia has completed multiple projects using NI PXI VSA and VSG hardware, Modulation Toolkit, and Spectral Measurement Toolkit.


A Selection of Viodia Projects


Iridium NEXT

With a partner, I managed a team of five engineers over four years to design and build four subassembly testers for the Iridium NEXT payload at SEAKR Engineering. photo: Iridium


Windmill Generator Testing

Used high density NI cDAQ chassis, often over wifi, for electrical and structural testing of a new kind of generator at Boulder Wind Power.


Sandia National Labs

Worked closely with National Instruments as a lead architect to gather requirements from many diverse stakeholders to define and design a TestStand-based “Common Test Platform”.


Pile Driving at Salt Lake City Airport

Architected and developed a wifi DAQmx strain and acceleration signal processing product for Goble Pile Test.


Phased Array Radar

Automated testing in an anechoic chamber with a N5222A PNA, four axis motion control, UDP antenna control, and NI Vision for alignment of RF probe to antenna sites.


FPGA RF Cable Modem System

Integrated a high-throughput NI FlexRIO system for special filtering of cable modem signals with two NI 5792 RF receiver FAMs, one NI 5793, and a Xilinx FIR Compiler.


ATK Alliant Systems

Supported upper stage rocket controller development by writing LabVIEW RealTime upper stage simulation HIL tests against guidance, nav., and control code running on a TI DSP. Actual flight test of the controller is shown at Wallops Island, VA.


Lockheed Martin Space Systems

Retrofitted an existing large TestStand test system with pause and debug capability that required UI, Engine Callback, and code mods. Don't miss out on the many great debug techniques that now exist!


Tendril Home Energy Management

Designed and deployed early functional testers with Zigbee radio RF tests with team in China for in-home energy monitoring devices.

Customer Comments


Chris Clark

Boulder, CO, US

+01 303-570-1784

Chris Clark Credentials

BS Physics, Purdue University

MS Interdisciplinary Telecommunications, University of Colorado 1999

Certificate in Network Security, University of Colorado, 2018

Certified TestStand Architect, National Instruments, 2003 – 2018

Certified LabVIEW Developer, National Instruments, 2011 – 2018